Monday, March 3, 2008


I was searching the web last night and I ran into the coolest web site. Its: .
This site has almost everything you can think of that you would want to make, from crafts to electrical engineering!! I found myself wanting to make everything I saw!!

<---- This is a cool LCD light.

They go step by step on how to make things with pictures to guide you along the way.

<---- This is a great envelope binded book!

I just thought I would share this fun site with everyone! Enjoy! I plan on making new things based off of this site and I will list them on etsy and show them on my blog soon! If you make something from this website please send me a picture so I can see! :)


Anonymous said...

What a neat site! You have such creative projects!! You should look to see if there is a blogger plugin like the WordPress one that allows you to host your own auctions!!! You could sell your stuff on here instead of on MySpace. =) Just my two cents.. Keep it up!

Morning Artist said...

thanks for sharing this, great find. and great blog too. you're a terrific artist and writer. i enjoy reading your posts.

Precious Memories. Always Remember. said...

Thanks for the comments! Imsoconfused, I will definitely look into that!! I wonder where I could find something like that...

monamigreetings said...

What a cool project. Thanks for sharing!