Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cruisin Around

Some exciting news! August starts my traveling season! Check out my exciting schedule:

August 4th- August 9th: Cruise with mi madre to Baja Mexico
August 19th-August 27th: Going to the Keys with el padre and family

September 18thish: Going to New York for Hubby's cousin's wedding

November: Arizona for thanksgiving

December: Vero Beach for Christmas

February: Cruise to Cozumel of Mexico for cousins wedding

So basically, I need to make it through the next 3 months of school and work everyday 9am-8pm. But with all the great rides ahead, I know it will go by quickly!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Sememseter Complete.

Woo. I just finished taking my last final exam. It was the hardest one and it was in a class that I am taking for the second time. I am extremely nervous to find out my grade and to see if I passed (this time around!). I have all A's and then whatever I get in this class (which I am just hoping to pass!). I am so glad its over with. This semester, as they all do, went by very fast. I have one more year to go and I am running on E!

On a good note... My hubby and I order Dreamweaver (a professional website building software) and it should be coming in the mail any day. I cannot wait to get a real site up for my invitations! I think that once I get it up and running, my business will boom!

I have 3 more mother's day cards left and I am hoping that they will sell before mother's day arrives so I don't have to keep them sitting around for another year! I sold one of my favorite mother's day cards last night.
1. I will stop taking custom Mother's day requests on May 5th! (Mother's day is May 11th)

2. Graduation promo starts April 27th!! Look out for new graduation items (cards, announcements, invites)
3. Web site should be up and running by the end of May

4. Wedding season starts in June, get your requests in early!
5. Don't forget that Father's day is just as important as Mother's day!! (June 15th)

6. I have new Bat/Bar Mitzvah and Baptism/Christening Invitations!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Friday, April 4, 2008

My First Gocco!!!

I did it! I did it!!

I had to wait AN ENTIRE WEEK before I was allowed to open my Gocco printer box! I forced myself to wait because I had exams to study for this week and I knew that once the box was opened, there would be no studying! So today is Friday and i am free to do as I please! I created my first Gocco art! My mom wanted me to create "Hello" cards with butterflies on them for my grandmother. So I used photoshop and created my master copy, I then printed it out on an inkjet printer, and outlined it using a carbon pen. My first run of course was a failure... But that was because I put the ink on the wrong side of the screen! (Silly Me!)...Once I realized what an idiot I was, I got it right (after wasting lots of ink, a B6 screen, and two bulbs)! I then created 75 cute cards within 30 minutes! I really love the outcome of these cards. But now I can't do anymore because I need to purchase more bulbs and screens! I also cannot save my burned screen because I do not have the proper cleaning supplies to wipe the ink of for future use. But that's okay... I know for next time! I LOVE MY GOCCO! You will see many many more gocco creations soon!
On an EVEN GREATER note....
I finally settled on a printer to create wedding invitations and such. I purchased the Canon Pro9000 from Amazon. I read all 102 reviews and compared it to the EpsonR1800. It was a tough decision, but I landed on Canon. As soon as it arrives, i will have another toy to play with!! hopefully the cost of both of these printers will pay itself off!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

My Favorite Easter

Each Monday I spend my evening at the children's emergency shelter (the tree house). Tree House is Tallahassee's only emergency shelter for children, a safe place for kids to stay when they have been taken from their home due to abuse or neglect. The cheer on the children's faces when they see you is enough to sink your heart. I love volunteering for the children's home society. The object of my visits on Mondays is to help the children with their reading skills. We read, play games, and spell words together. These children LOVE to learn.

This Easter Sunday, we visited a lake here in Tallahassee and spent the day watching the birds, ducks, and turtles. The children each recieved an easter basket full of goodies. All of the kids were running around with so much joy in their little hearts. They adore the one-on-one attention they get from the volunteers.
Children's Home Society of Florida (CHS) recently marked 105 years of nurturing children and strengthening families, and we realize that the children we serve today are not unlike those we served when we opened our doors in 1902. Many share the hurt and disappointment of a shattered family and broken promises. All long to feel love, acceptance and stability.
For these children and so many more, we offer hope and guidance…we provide families with opportunities for success and happiness.
While continuing our deep commitment to protect and guide young ones, we have a responsibility to do even more – to break the tragic cycle of child abuse and neglect for increasing numbers of children.

With your help, this dream can come true. Together, we can end the recurring nightmares too many children have suffered. Together, we can ensure every child is safe, healthy and prepared for life.

For more information on the Children's Home Society Of Florida, visit this web site:


If you want to find out how you can help in your area, go to google and type in "Children's Home Society of (YOUR STATE GOES HERE)"

Saturday, March 22, 2008

FEATURED ARTIST coyotesfamily

This weeks featured artist is Sondra (coyotesfamily). She is a newbie on etsy and deserves to be recognized for her beautiful work.

A few of my favorites from her shop on etsy:
Little Ladys 5 lampwork beads Ladybugs
5 handcrafted, flameworked lentil shaped beads in black and red. Little ladybugs to be exact! These beads measure approximately 19 mm hole to hole and were pressed in a Cattwalk press.

Froggie went a courtin cell phone charm
A cool handmade lampwork bead, with blues, greens, purples and yellows, dangled on a cell phone charm/zipper pull. Along side the bead is the cutest little frog, sitting so politely. Perfect for anyone! bead measures approximately 1 inch.

Spring Fling
A beautiful green hexagon shaped bead. Sprinkles of spring time colors dance across the top along with gorgeous pink flowers. This bead measures aprroximately 1 inch hole to hole.

Something interesting:
After making jewelry for over 7 years, this stay-at-home mom upped the anty when she decided to not just make jewelry but make the beads for it as well. Lampworking now for just over 3 years, with about a year off for the birth of a baby, she is still totally in love with the art. Though it is hard to find time at the torch with her busy life, she does indeed make time for herself to head to the studio and play.
This self-taught artist finds her inspiration in every aspect of her life. From her family, her friends and from the beautiful Arizona landscapes. More of Sondra's work can be seen at You can read a bit more about her life as a lampworking mom at: Her work is currently being sold in her etsy store: and and you can occasionally see her at local shows in Northern Arizona.
Watch out for this artist as she rises to the top. Please leave her some love.

Friday, March 21, 2008


I cannot control myself sometimes....

Today I was curious what "gocco" was. I have seen it as a tag in etsy and I did not know what it meant. So I did research and found a "how to gocco" on etsy and fell in love immediately! I kept on searching the web for finished projects done by people with a gocco machine and I couldn't get enough! So.... I had to do it....I bought one for myself!! That's right--->No self control! It was $150 dollars and I bought it from a fellow etsian (in Japan). I CANNOT WAIT for it to get here!! I just hope it's worth the money (that I certainly do not have)! I plan on making wedding invitations with is and maybe some prints to frame. TAKE MY CREDIT CARD AWAY FROM ME!!!!

Oohh and I almost forgot... a few days ago I was waundering around etsy (as usual) and I fell upon this shop: poppyswickedgarden. I found a skirt (actually it's a convertible skirt/dress) that I could not take my eyes off. So what did I do? ... Good Guess! I bought it! I just love the idea of buying handmade clothes because that means that no one else will have what you own. Just a great feeling!

Break a Leg!

My mother decided to break her leg while getting off the boat after scuba diving so I decided to send her a little"get well card". But of course, there is no time to be serious so I had to come up with a funny card. This is what I came up with. The front of the card says, "break a leg!" (you know... like good luck"... The inside says, "oops...sorry!". Hehe. Well I thought it was funny anyway!! :-)

My friend Jason asked me to make him a card to give to a doctor that let him shadow him at work. I made a very sleek masculine card. I love this card. I think it's perfect for a professional and for a male.

I won a bid on alchemy, which I am thrilled about!! I am going to make a set of 6 custom cards with a Cow theme!! How fun! I hope they turn out great! I am nervous for custom orders but I love them! I am also in the process of working on a few custom orders for Jenn (my newest frequent customer :) ). I am making her boyfriend and brother birthday cards. I think I am getting the hang of making male cards now!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This week I have chosen FireDancerDesigns as my artist of the week. She has a gorgeous shop that is in need of attention. Please take a look at her store and leave her a little love.

Here are a few examples of some items listed in her shop:

I love to find different surfaces to print on and this candle is an example of that. It is a 3 x 3 pillar candle which I printed my original leaf block print on in red and gold ink. The candle comes wrapped with natural and red colored raffia adorned with a wooden bead.

A golden leaf has been printed on a natural brown paper and then adhered to a blank notecard. The set includes four notecards, each a different color.

“There is not a sprig of grass that shoots uninteresting to me.” - UnknownThis sprig was stamped in white acrylic paint onto purple paper then sewn onto a white card with white thread. The card measures 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches and is blank inside making it perfect for any occassion!

A message straight from her heart:
Being a new stay at home mom I had to find something that would be a creative outlet for me, as well as a possible source of income, this is what lead me to opening FireDancer Designs. My name is Kimberly; I am 26 years old and live in Dayton, Ohio with my wonderful husband, our amazing 6 month old son, and our slightly neurotic beagle. For as long as I can remember crafting has been a part of my life. I get it from my parents; my mom is always baking, or crafting, and my dad is a draftsman and woodworker. The style of the items in my Etsy shop is simple and natural. I enjoy creating handmade paper, original block prints, note cards and experimenting with all kinds of art materials. Block-printing and papermaking were techniques I learned while working at an art supply store and I love how unpredictable they can be; you never really know what the print or sheet is going to end up looking like. Every print or sheet is unique and special. One of my most shining moments on Etsy is when I found one of my creations in someone’s Treasury – that made me feel as good as if I had sold something! Even though I am still in search of the elusive first sale, my advice for fellow Etsians is to stay optimistic and don’t get down on yourself if you don’t sell something in the first week, or first month, just keep creating, listing and promoting.

FireDancer Designs can be found at these links:

Etsy has become a family affair:
my dad’s shop is

Embroider my heart Away.

I completed my first wording embroidery task. My mom gave me the challenge of embroidering my brothers full name and her full name onto black denim to sew onto their scuba diving bags. I had never used the wording on my machine before so I gave it a go! My brothers name took me 3 tries before I got to this finished (not great) product. I had trouble spacing the words. My machine only lets me do 4 letters at a time so after those letters are finished I have to moved the material. It was a struggle but I finally got it to work. Even though the "am" in graham are slightly lower than the rest, it still looks pretty good. I tried to do my mom's name, but I had to much trouble spacing it, so I decided to do just her first name and a dolphin instead. I really like how hers turned out. The dolphin is really cute. My brothers name turned out to be about one foot long and a few inches high and my mom's name is about 3 inches high and about 5 inches long. (They look smaller in the pictures)Now that I have completed these, I am ready for my next challenge....hmmm.....what shall I get myself into now....any ideas?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Poor Poor Pup!

I have two puppies (both about one year old). I have a German Sheperd (Callie) and a Weimeraner (Savannah). Every week we take them to the dog park to let out their much wound up energy. There is something about Savannah that attracts all of the other dogs (boys and girls) to her. There hasn't been a day that we have gone to the park without a group of dogs chasing after her and attacking her. Usually it's no big deal, but this past week, the MINUTE we let our dogs into the park Savannah was attacked by about 7 dogs, this time it wasn't fun and games. There was a bull mastif there that dug his teeth into Savannahs butt and flipped her over while the other dogs pumbeled her. Kwabena had to kick the dog to let Savannah go. I couldn't believe it. Savannah has been spayed so there is no reason that these dogs should be going after her. I think that the dogs communicate with each other before going into the gated park and Savannah must say something to them that gets them on fire!! My poor pup was bleeding in two spots and limping. She ran right out of the gate and she had this depressed look on her face for the remainder of the day. I felt so bad. The next day I noticed she had a huge bruise on the inside of her thigh. She wasn't limping anymore though. She has almost fully recovered now but we have to find some alternative to running her, since we obviously cannot go to the dog park anymore. Here is a picture of my little girls!

Everyone deserves to be appreciated.

I believe that every single person deserves to hear the words "Thank you" every so often. I know I have so many friends and family that do the smallest things for me that normally just saying thank you would do the job. But I think that sending someone a thank you card is so much more meaningful and appreciative. That is why I have made a few new thank you cards and thank you cards sets. I love making people feel special, and that's exactly what a handmade greeting card does. Here are a few of my new listings. You can BUY these cards at my shop: !

Saturday, March 8, 2008


I am excited to announce that I am starting a wedding invitation line! I will be creating wedding invitation sets that include: Invitation, Response Card, and Thank You Card! I also do custom sets! Please take a look at my two most recent listings:
My wedding sets give the bride and groom choices. I allow them to decide what colors, font, text, paper, and ribbon they would like. I send them packages of samples in the mail to help them decide. I also give a proof of a set before I make the entire order.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I am starting a featured artist section in my blog. Each week I will pick an artist that I love and I will show you what they do, why they do it, and how they do it. For the first week I picked Janet because she befriended me in etsychat and I immediately loved her shop and personality. This is Janet's story in her own words:

My name is Janet, i'm 53 years old and recently celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary.I have 5 grown children, who all but 1 has left home and started there own lives, but once they all had flown the nest, i decided that it was time to get myself an hobby, i started to collect, buy and sell antiques, and was doing really well, and was making alot of profit on the items which i sold.In the meantime whilst doing all that i started to design jewelry, and quickly realised that this is where my passion lied, i decided to give my all to this, and started to do jewelry parties, going to residential homes, i also did them at some of my friends homes, where they would invite people that they knew.They where really fun, all women, having a glass of wine and some light refreshments, looking and buying jewelry!I found etsy and have spoke to alot of friendly people, who are more than willing to help others if they can, i really enjoy seeing all the handmade items and making some wondeful friends along the way!!

Here are a few of her beautiful items listed on Etsy. You can find her store here: . My personal favorite item in her shop is the one pictured the biggest. Please check out her store and give her some love!! If you mention "10% off, Andrea's Blog", you will recieve an extra 10% of any item in her shop!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

What I Love About You...

Today I listed one of my favorite cards yet! This card is so perfect for you to write all the things you love about a person on the inside! I made the same one for my hubby and I wrote a collage of phrases on the inside such as "I love your laugh", "your smile", "I love your touch".... etc! He loved it because I made is personal!

You can get to this card here:


Today I also added Entrecard and got a lot of blog hits so I am very excited about that! Next week I am going to do my first featured favorite seller so I am looking around for that perfect one!


I created a new myspace account for my etsy store:

If you are on myspace, feel free to add me!


I was searching the web last night and I ran into the coolest web site. Its: .
This site has almost everything you can think of that you would want to make, from crafts to electrical engineering!! I found myself wanting to make everything I saw!!

<---- This is a cool LCD light.

They go step by step on how to make things with pictures to guide you along the way.

<---- This is a great envelope binded book!

I just thought I would share this fun site with everyone! Enjoy! I plan on making new things based off of this site and I will list them on etsy and show them on my blog soon! If you make something from this website please send me a picture so I can see! :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

And it's off!!

Well I shipped my first order out today with great excitement! I am very anxious to hear the feedback! I then went to Target and found these awesome little cardboard notebooks that were calling me to alter them! I added some style and my touch to them and came up with some great results! This is one of them. I love it, it's so pretty, but the picture does no justice!

Friday, February 29, 2008

First Sale!!!

I just made my first Etsy sale!! I sold my pretty "Precious" Card. I am so excited! It's only one little sale, but one sale leads to the next and so on! Thanks Customer!

Mommie's Day!

Today I listed two mothers day cards on etsy. I love mothers day. I think it is so important to let your mother know what she means to you. My mom has been my inspiration for everything that I do and everything I have accomplished. If you read my profile on you will read even more about her. I love her! Tell your mom the same! Happy Mothers Day!

I'm a Blogger!

Well I am officially on board to blog! I found etsy a while back while sifting through google scrapbooks and what a joy it has been since! I brought my mom aboard to try it out first before I decided to venture in. We set her shop up (rona19) and she got a sale. She creates beautiful pottery!

I set up shop at the beginning of this month. I have yet to get a sale but I am slowly becoming active through etsygreetings and by listing items almost daily. I am a student currently striving for a double degree in Exercise Science and Psychology. My passion is crafting, and i craft to relieve stress and to drool over my creations :)

My goal is to sell enough items to make at least one new item every day wihtout going broke!

I am happily married to Kwabena and we have two puppies (weimeraner and german shepard). I hope you enjoy my creations!!